The Benefits of Gazpacho on your Health

SlapSlop’s Gazpacho Kumato is, as we already established, both a soup, a smoothie, a great breakfast, an aperitif or a first course. It is just whatever you want it to be because it is just sensational. But, let’s stop talking about how delicious it is and let’s focus on another greatly important thing. How good is it for you?

First off, it is raw, it is vegan and it is gluten-free  (our Gazpacho Kumato is made without any bread). But allergies, intolerances and preferences aside, Gazpacho is an incredible source of energy, fibre and vitamins. Let’s go a bit more in depth:

History: Gazpacho has a long history. Roman soldiers would carry dried bread, garlic, vinegar, salt and olive oil to make an early form of the soup. But it was in Andalucia in southern Spain that gazpacho became popularized. From the 8th to the 15th centuries, Spain had been controlled by Ottomans and Moors from Morocco. Entering Spain, these Arabic people brought with them Ajo Blanco, a white soup made with bread, almonds, garlic, vinegar, olive oil and salt. With the discovery of America and the conquest of Mexico, peppers and tomatoes from the the “New World” were introduced into Southern Spain. The red peppers and tomatoes gave gazpacho its characteristic red color.

Benefits: Whatever the ingredients, gazpacho is a healthy soup rich in minerals, antioxidants, fiber and in vitamins C, A and E. Red tomatoes, for example, are high in carotenoids such as lycopene and beta-carotene, antioxidants that can prevent prostate cancer, high blood pressure and eye problems. Other brightly-colored fruits and vegetables used in preparing gazpacho soup also contain carotenoids which may serve as anti-inflammatory agents.

1. Gazpacho prevents colds. Gazpacho contains Vitamins A, E and C, mainly in bell pepper and tomato, which protect our body from this common viral infection in winter.

2. Gazpacho prevents hypertension. If hypertension is not treated early, it can cause heart attacks, ictus and kidney failure. Gazpacho has a certain vasodilator effect which helps control blood pressure.

3. Gazpacho slows the ageing process. Antioxidant properties of gazpacho, such as lycopene of tomato and Vitamin C, reduce the action of free radicals. Gazpacho is the tastiest formula against wrinkles and skin spots produced by ageing.

4. Gazpacho increases organism defences. Garlic is one of gazpacho’s ingredients. Garlic acts as a natural antibiotic that helps increase the body defences against bacteria and viruses.

5. Gazpacho helps you loose weight. It is a low-calorie nutritious dish that satisfies hunger and is rich in fiber, which facilitates intestinal transit and elimination of toxins. Because of its satiating effect and thanks to the fibre, this natural product has the power to destroy the appetite without resorting to empty calories. So it is perfect for keeping the line and end with hunger.

6. Gazpacho hydrates your body. Gazpacho is an isotonic drink with a great content in mineral salts and water. Stay hydrated to relieve fatigue, help digestion and improve performance of your body.

7. Many vegetables, low calories. Fresh vegetables, crushed and cold preserved with all its nutrients transform this essential soup into a dish with very few calories and many benefits. 100 milliliters of gazpacho are equivalent to about 50 calories.

8. Variety of vitamins and minerals. In addition to fibre, gazpacho contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, manganese, zinc and copper; minerals supported by the presence of vitamin C in peppers, vitamin E in tomatoes and vitamin A. In addition, olive oil provides basic fatty acids for everyday.

9. Isotonic drink. Being a cold soup, water is essential for the development of gazpacho. Its high content of mineral salts mixed with hydration helps to keep the human body needs, even in the coldest months of the year.

10. A shield against the sun. Tomato carotenoids protect our skin from the sun and are useful to maintain a good tan. This has a direct relation on the prevention of cancer diseases.

And, as we say in Spain, “De buen gazpacho, no hay empacho”, meaning one can’t have too much of a good thing.

So think no more and start preparing for the new season with a glass of Gazpacho a day!

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