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SNÄKID. Smoothummus, Papaceitunas & TipTopTapenade.

Still does, in order to take unexpected guests. We at least hope that this sometimes occurs. SlapSlop hummus, olives, marinated with port wine and tapenaad elegant peosnäkid that is easy and fun to beer, wine or tea from the bite. Hummus is a composition of chickpeas, tahini-organic, cold-pressed olive oil, lemon juice, gram broth, garlic, smoked Spanish paprika, cayenne pepper, salt and spice caraway. Tapenaad made from black olives and capers, served with kümpressi olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, coriander, salt and pepper. Papa Julian olives are marinated in Ivan’s father, Julian recipe, which in addition to the black olives virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, white wine, port wine, lemon juice, Spanish smoked paprika, salt, cayenne pepper, onion, garlic, bay leaf and parsley. Share with friends from around the love that we put into these products!


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SNACKS. Smoothummus, Papaceitunas & TipTopTapenade.

SlapSlop snacks are the essence of why we SlapSlop is so proud of their products.

The main reason SlapSlop came to be was to offer healthy food free of additives and artificial flavours. Sadly, the snacks ally in your supermarket is full of unhealthy snacks, mainly flavoured potato chips, sweets and candies, sugar-coated fruits or preserves full with additives and artifices.

Our three snacks are all free of all of that. This products are all gluten free and vegan. The olive oil used for all three products is extra-virgin and the tahini is organic.

The Papaceitunas is specially closed to our hearts. The recipe comes from our chef Iván’s father, Julián, and the marinade consists of Porto wine, Spanish dry white wine, spanish spices, olive oil, vinegar, lemon and raw garlic and onion. They are slightly spicy and they will bring a smile to your face.

The TipTopTapenade is a twist on the traditional tapenade. SlapSlop’s recipe doesn’t contain anchovy. Instead, we tried time and time again until we achieved a perfect balance of fresh herbs and spices. After only a week it already became one of our customer’s favourite!

Enjoy at home with friends and family, take them with you to house warming parties and celebrations and accompany with your favourite wines, beers or siders.

All of these snacks also go extremely well with cheeses and cold cuts. Or with pasta dishes! 🙂


Net weight: 220gr